Andoran The Home of our Spring Hill Florida Pathfinder RPG for the old school player. If you have been gaming since before computers where in every home and are local send us a message. We maybe looking for players. Players are hard to come by in this area.

Game style is Sand Box with a heavy emphasis on RP with the PCs in the lead, and of course some good old hack and slash. The game will be story driven but modified through player action. No snapping back to the preordained. Pc development is left to the player with a few simple rules. We start with the core rules and the Gm will approve any new books. The campaign is classic Good vs evil in a human dominant world. All PCs will be aligned N to G and PCs of LG and human will be given starting bonuses. Thanks for visiting our page. Bill. Player/GM 30 years.
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Pathfinder Spring Hill Fl.