Pathfinder Spring Hill Fl.

Lonely road for a Halfling.

Willis the lackadaisical Halfling wandered away from his home in the rolling hills in search of something new. Finding his way into the land of Andoran he was quickly enamored with the people and trappings of the young country. Looking for work, Willis went in and out of shops and hostels until he was “wrongfully” accused of theft. With the town guard in pursuit he hid himself away in a create of woman’s clothing, which was promptly loaded onto a wagon train. Willis spent a full day inside his create while the caravan traveled. When the wagon stopped he was forced to leave his confines to relieve himself. Promptly spotted by Saricon, Captian the dwarven mercenary company who was charged with guarding the wagon train. Being soft hearted (for a Dwarf) he allowed Willis work off his ticket to the next town. Cooking meals, Washing clothes and feeding horses Willis became fast friends with Saricon. The next 3 days went without incident until… Out of the hills came an Orcen raiding party which quickly overcame the caravan even as the Mercenary Company put up a good fight. Many died and the ones who did not meet their end where taken captive. Hauling the wagons horses and prisoner back to a well-fortified fort in the hilly forest of the Wolf Run hills. Willis finds himself a prisoner in a cruel Orc slave camp.



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