Kos, Born to a human mother enslaved by Orcs, who died at birth. Kos looked Orc enough to be taken into the population and not enslaved. The Chieftain of the Dark Wolf war band himself an Orcish looking Half Orc named Kord an intelligent ( for an Orc ) brute known for his cunning in battle sometimes spares the stronger 1/2 breeds knowing they make effective leaders.

Kos proved to be an extremely capable warrior even at a young age and at the age of twelve started joining raids. Problems started to arise when Kos did not want to kill the weak or unarmed. He refused to kill a human woman pleading for the lives of her children. Upon return to the Dark Wolf camp he was cast out into the wilderness unarmed and unarmored to find his orcin warrior soul. Set into the wilderness alone at the age of 14 he quickly adapted crafting wooden weapons and armor eating rats and rabbits. Using skills passed to him from his elder brethren Kos started to travel in the direction of home. Home? Was his tribe his home? Kos contemplated this as he traveled. One night as he set camp and started to try and locate water he heard movement through the trees and underbrush. Now there was movement from all around him, Kos readied himself. Out of the underbrush came a large wolf, it lunged and Kos struck with his wooden spear, injuring the wolf as the second lunged from behind. This one biting his arm as the third lunged. Kos powerfully swung the wolf locked on his arm and hit the third pinning both to the ground and running them both through with his spear. The first injured wolf with his head hung low growled, paused for a minute then fled. Kos thought to himself where did this strength come from? He was strong but not that strong? Exhausted he began to bandage his bloody arm with Moss and vines. Was this truly his doing or were the gods on his side? Well I have dinner tonight he thought as he takes the sharpened stone out of the band of his loincloth. Stripping the fir and meat he finds his source of water in the bladder of the dead wolves. As he is eating and drinking his Vile (even to orc standards) meal he looks out over the fire and through the smoke he sees what looks to be a huge white stag peering at him through the darkness. Was he delirious? Kos blinked his eyes but the stag was still there, Kos tried to stand but his legs would not lift him. He looked back the stag walked into the clearing. Kos felt oddly relaxed in its presents. Am I dead? He thought. Words began to form in his head “You were spared because of the goodness in you" Did he just think that? Or…. Then with little sound and a flash of brilliant white fir the stag was gone.
Kos woke to a smoking campfire his arm bandaged but no wound. Was it a dream out of hunger and thirst? Then he saw the blood and the carcasses of the wolves’ one being dragged off by a badger.
The Orcish Gods do not favor the weak and do not heal the injured? What is this goodness the White Stage spoke of? Not knowing what to think Kos broke camp and again started his journey.

Two weeks of traveling through the unforgiving terrain Kos walked over the crest of a hill to see the cooking fires of the Dark Wolf war band. He started to pick up his pace. Home! Or is it? Are these my people? As he enters camp he quickly catches the eye of many. The bitches whisper ‘he is back and without a scratch.’ He is immediately approached by Kord, The chieftain affectionately known as Kord the Killer.
“Proved you good in battle, totem with you ! Now prove you Orc! “Kord holds out a wicked blade. Kos takes it. Kord points to a slave woman. Kos heart sinks as he takes the blade. Are these my people? This is all I know… He walks to the woman slowly as she screams in terror. Kos kneels over her and grabs the back of her neck. He whispers “I am " Then he realized there is no word in the Orcish language that describes what he feels. Kos runs the woman through quickly as to cause little pain with a sympathetic look on his face. The Orcs Cheer!

The next three years Kos lived as an orc trying to accept his role. Although every killing brought dreams of the White Stag. At the Age of 17 Kos was part of a raid on a small forest village. The war horn sounds and they took the village by surprise. Raiding and killing the villagers until… Arrows start to pierce Orcs and chaos ensues. The Orcs turn their attention to the tree line as a second volley comes; the war band regroups and charges the tree line Kos in the lead. Orcs fall and an arrow grazes the cheek of Kos as woodsmen charge. The battle is bloody and the Orcs and woodsmen take a heavy toll but the Orcs where gaining ground until an arrow pierces Kos’s wooden shield and his forearm. Kos turns to see the archer standing among the great oaks and hurls his axe striking the archer in the leg, the archer falls and Kos charges. When out of nowhere a huge white stag leaps from the wilderness and covers the archer! Instantly shaken Kos stumbles to his knees as the stag lets out what sounded like a gigantic war horn, lowers its gigantic rack toward its attackers and stomps the ground with its hooves. The Orcs set to charge… “Has all the goodness left you Kos? Are these your brothers? Or are they your mothers brutal and cruel masters? The people you attack, what have they done to you?" Kos struggles with the voice in his head as it spins in the chaos of battle, he stands looking in awe at the white stag of his dreams. Droplets of water stream from his eyes. What is this? Not knowing exactly what the pain of sorrow was even though he had felt it before, Kos turns and faces his Orc brothers and pulls his handaxe from its rest raises his shield and roars “HOLD!! You NOT kill deer!!” The Orcs paused out of confusion for a split second then charged the stag.
The stag lept catching two of the raiders in his rack and flung them into the wood, another Orc took a great swing with his sword and it bounced off of the Stags coat as he was grabbed in the claw of a gigantic tree and hurled into the forest. The rest or the Orcs scattered into the trees in fear.

Standing with the forest and the burning village spinning around him, tears streaming from his eyes, Voices in his head and what felt like the weight of a horse on his chest. What was happening? The voices stopped the spinning stopped and as the tears cleared smoke, bodies and blood surrounded him, Orcs, stag and the archer who pierced him had all vanished. Why am I alive Kos thought? Still in confusion. “Where do I go from here? Is this a dream? I am not ORC!” For the next two years Kos lived in the burned out homestead trying to find the great white stag so that maybe he could get the answers to his nagging questions. What is this goodness? Why was my life spared? Why did I turn on my brothers? But it was to no avail. So he started off in search out the answers. One night not long after Kos left the home stead he was traveling across a meadow when he heard screams coming from just over the ridge. Something came over him and he grabbed his battleaxe and ran toward the screams. As he ran over the ridge he saw a home and barn on fire and Orcs dragging human woman and children by the hair. Kos Charged into battle in a rage, at a flat run he cleaved the first Orc through and without slowing decapitated a second. Then thud and the lights went out. Waking tied to a post in the middle of the Dark Wolf camp with whips striking him from all directions. Kord laughing as his whip lands on his neck. “You turn on your brothers! Death to easy! You no death, Pain!" The whipping lasted days whenever an orc feels like picking up a whip (which is often). Delirious and feeble from the pain and blood loss Kos finally loses consciousness. Awakened to the ringing of picks in Kord’s mining camp Kos is forced into servitude. For days and months Kos picks and hauls copper ore from the mines the scars on his grey skin still pink.
One of the guards approaches Kos and whack. Kos wakes in a cage next to a Halfling, a bunch of Humans and some Dwarves. “Hi my name is Willis” says the Halfling with a smile…..



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